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Today I’m here to tell you about a movie that I had the amazing and unique opportunity to watch the premiere last night. I’m still incredibly excited with everything that’s happened and can barely wait to watch it once more! <3

Yesterday was the premiere of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children movie, based on Ransom Riggs’ trilogy – the first book already has a review here on the blog and I’ll post a full trilogy review soon. I was invited by Bele, from Mammia Mia! blog and got the tickets from Herick, from Tommo, so I need to thank them from the bottom of my heart for inviting me <3

For those of you who don’t know it yet, the movie is about Jacob, an apparently normal boy who lives in Florida with his parents. Jacob’s grandfather, Abe, was always there in the boy’s childhood and used to tell him stories about when he was younger and lived in a home for children in an island in Wales, Cairnholm. Special children also lived there and Abe had the photos to prove it. Jacob was always a big fan of his grandpa’s stories about children who could float, swallow bees, had unusual strength and fire powers, but as Jacob grew up, he stopped believing such tales.

One day, however, Jacob finds his grandpa dead at the back of the house in a very…peculiar way. Traumatized with the fact and Abe’s last words, Jacob convinces his father to take him to Cairnholm in an adventure, where he will find out that his grandpa’s stories are not as crazy as everybody thought.

Now let’s get to the movie! 🙂


Before anything, I have to say that when I read the book, I got the feeling that Tim Burton had decided to write a book and I was holding it there, in my hands. So, I got very excited when I found out that he would be the one responsible for the movie adaptation of Miss Peregrine’s Home.

That being said, this movie exceeded any and all my expectations. I had read a couple of negative things about it, mainly regarding the fact that it would be a stand alone movie that would cover all three books at once, instead of being a series of movies. That made me very apprehensive, to say the least. Besides, you can already tell just by the trailer that Emma’s and Olive’s peculiarities have been swapped, that is, Olive is the one with fire power and Emma is the one to levitate – and many more things, I must say.

I’m still not a massive fan of this exchange, since the character’s personalities matched very well their peculiarities. Emma, for instance, lives life with passion, so I thought the fire suited her very nicely. I was a bit upset about this swap, but ok.

Even so, this was my only critic to the movie. I guess my expectations were so low – and also because I usually don’t like adaptations, I hate it when they chance the original script – that, in the end, I was so glad and surprised with the result that I feel I need to go watch it once more this weekend, once the movie is officially released!

Tim Burton really gave his classic touch to the movie and I gotta say the combination of his style with Ransom Riggs’ story was the best match I saw this year – sorry, Tahereh Mafi. All the narrative followed the somber tone of the beginning of the story, as well as the setting and makeup.

GUYS, THE MAKEUP! The hollows with their weird bodies and wights with white eyes were very close to what I imagined from the books. The children’s peculiarities were also perfectly represented with all the special effects. Besides, makeup and costume also matched the narrative. Miss Peregrine was gorgeous, specially with her hair that color and even the eyeliner that made her eye look line a bird one.

From the opening of the movie, that plays with the idea of the photos used by the author to write the book, until the ending, that surprised me for not leaving a lot of the main narrative behind. All this inserted me into the peculiar world and even gave me a good nostalgia that might lead to a reread of the books.

I still think the fact that the movie not covering all the aspects of the book ended up being much more positive that I originally thought. The movie makes people who still don’t know the story curious and the interest might lead a lot of readers to buy the trilogy to see what’s been left out. Adventures that were intentionally left behind, but that don’t have an immediate impact on the main story.

To finish, I leave you here with my great first impression of this movie and a crazy desire to watch it again! If you got curious, I’ll leave the trailer down below for you to get ready for this Thursday, 29.


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