Beyond Blue Doors

Beyond Blue Doors. But why the name, after all?

Every time I tell people I have a blog, they ask me what does Beyond Blue Doors mean and why I chose it. So, I decided to create this page and try to explain a bit about it.

If you’re new here and unaware: I’ve lived in England for a year. It was all so very beautiful, a dream come true. Great part of who I am today comes from way back, but during this year abroad I learned so many things that drastically changed me that I cannot imagine being where I am today without having gone through this experience. That’s why I wanted the blog to represent this part of my life.

I always see people talking about how houses in England are cute and how all the doors are pretty and red. No. They’re not red. They’re blue. Truth is they usually have coloured doors that create a contrast with the architecture – a tendency of mixing the old with the modern that I find very characteristic of them in general. Despite what many people see in movies or images online, the vast majority of doors is, for some reason, blue. And I think this is amazing. Truly.

So amazing and outstanding that, in a field trip with a friend to Oxford, I made this exact same comment: how crazy it was, to me, that in England there are buildings made of bricks, all looking so old and then, out of nowhere, there’s a blue door. And she recorded a video:


At the time, I found it funny and so we both posted it on social media. What happened because of this I was not expecting.

A couple of weeks later, another friend of mine introduced me to her boyfriend and his friends and they asked me: “Oh, so you’re the blue door girl?”. It took me a while to connect it with the video I’d posted. They were English and thought the comment was hilarious and true. After that, I’ve been through many other introductions in which this video was remembered and people always talked about the blue doors. Even after I came back to Brazil, people kept talking about this episode and showing it to their friends.

So, I’ve decided to incorporate the name to the blog. That’s also the reason why the image of the blog is a blue door and the number written in it is exactly the one from the flat I lived in: 130.

Beyond Blue Doors is a space in which I can express everything I think after having gone through this experience that was so life changing to me. It is to go beyond it and appearances and understand who I’ve become since then.