And I’m back!

Lovely people, I’m back! 🙂

I’ve had a couple of personal issues the last few weeks, but now I think everything’s finally coming together and I found some time to dedicate to the blog! We’re already back this month with a lot of new reviews, new videos and – yay – a MAILBOX video! Yes, the blog has received for the first time books to review from one of the prettiest publishers in Brazil! 🙂


As soon as I post the video on youtube, I’ll also post it here, so keep in tune! Until then, we wait in curiosity and emotion to find out what is on our way 🙂

But back to the post, I came here today to tell you a little more about how my reads have been during the months of June and July. I read a total of 10 books in June – yes, YAY! And for those interested in learning a bit about them, there’s a video at the end of this post about all that I’ve read.


I also joined the bookish challenge 6 Histórias de Inverno, that aimed for 6 books read during the last week of June. Unfortunately my personal life got very complicated in that period, so I wasn’t able to read them all, but I reached a total of 3 and a half books, which I though was pretty good considering how little free time I had.

It was an amazing experience to be able to create, help to moderate and participate in a bookish challenge this winter. I think it reached the goal and encouraged many people to read more, even if they didn’t reach their initial goals. I’ve already said this here, but I consider it important to reinforce that the idea is to encourage reading all the time, not only during these weeks. It’s always nice to have a good book to distract you and make you think more about different things.


I also wanted to thank the girls that helped me organise the event and got really excited with the challenge. It was great having so amazing people to share all the work and the reading with. I hope we will still create many more challenges in the years to come and that they will be even better than this one. <3
So here’s the video with a wrap up of what June was like! 🙂

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