2017 goals

I’ve made an important decision: I’ve decided to join Top 5 Wednesdays! That means that you get a new post here every Wednesday about a topic established on the Goodreads group.

All weeks are decided in the beginning of the month and a link is posted on the group so that everyone can join – in every country. I thought the whole project was really cool and I’ve been following the topics for a while now, so I’m finally making a post with my answers.

The topic this week is 2017 Goals, and they don’t have to be necessarily related to books specifically; they can be reading goals, blog and instagram goals, etc.


1. Read 60 books

I used to base my Goodreads reading goals according to my age – in that case, it’d be 24 this year. However, last year, I read a total of 86 books (!!!!) so I decided to be a bit more realistic in 2017. I’ve decided an average of 60 books, which means reading 5 books per month, would be reasonable. (To be honest, my real goal should be 100 books so that it’d become a challenge, but this number is really scary, so I’ve opted for 60 anyways, haha)

2. Post at least 3 times a week here on the blog

I know I became lazy at the end of last year, so I’ve decided that I’ll post here every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I think that if I establish the days and schedule posts, it’s easier to keep the blog active.

3. Post at least 2 videos a week on my channel

Another problem I always have is with videos. I always have a good time recording, but it’s also so complicated to do it because of lighting, noise and other issues. So, I’ve not yet decided two specific days – what I still intend to do -, but I’ve already established as a goal to post at least two videos per week.

4. Stop buying books until I’ve read all I have here

This is a super important goal – and I bet is one that will make my mom proud if she’s reading it! I used to be good at buying only a couple of books and reading most of them before getting another one. However, last year I acquired the horrible habit of going on a shopping spree and never managing to read it all. So, I’ve accumulated a lot of books that are here, waiting to be read. I intend to read at least the majority of them before buying some more.

5. Join more literary projects

For last, but not least, I want to join more literary projects. At the end of last year I had many different experiences that made me meet so many amazing people that, just as me, love literature. I think that through these projects, I’m hoping to meet a lot more people and raise my range of literary knowledge.


So these are my goals planned for 2017, I hope you liked it! And what about you, what goals have you established for this year? For those interested, here’s the Goodreads group if you wanna join: https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/118368-top-5-wednesday

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